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AISHWARYA₹3.900.00 (0.00%)
AIRTEL₹346.30▲3.45 (1.01%)
DHANUS₹0.09▲0.01 (12.50%)
FINCABLES₹530.65▼6.30 (-1.17%)
GTL₹17.50▲0.25 (1.45%)
GTLINFRA₹5.73▼0.01 (-0.17%)
HCLTECH₹817.85▲5.30 (0.65%)
HCL INFO₹59.45▲0.90 (1.54%)
HFCL₹16.08▲0.04 (0.25%)
IDEA₹84.95▼0.15 (-0.18%)
ITI₹103.95▲16.25 (18.53%)
KAVERITEL₹12.99▲0.63 (5.10%)
MTNL₹27.15▲1.05 (4.02%)
ONMOBILE₹83.90▼1.70 (-1.99%)
RCOM₹34.30▲0.40 (1.18%)
SHYAM TEL₹29.75▲0.75 (2.59%)
SPANCO₹3.120.00 (0.00%)
SPICE MOBILE₹16.75▲0.09 (0.54%)
STERLITE TECH₹152.55▲7.00 (4.81%)
TANLA₹52.20▼0.15 (-0.29%)
TATA COMM₹706.40▲1.00 (0.14%)
TTML₹7.11▲0.04 (0.57%)
TULIP₹1.41▼0.12 (-7.84%)
VINDHYAT₹707.00▲19.30 (2.81%)
XLTELENE₹2.61▲0.01 (0.38%)


Company ID [BOM:532975]Last trade:₹3.90Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30Value change:0.00 (0.00%)


Company ID [BOM:532454]Last trade:₹346.30Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30Value change:▲3.45 (1.01%)


Company ID [BOM:532903]Last trade:₹0.09Trade time:3:29PM GMT+5:30Value change:▲0.01 (12.50%)


Company ID [BOM:500144]Last trade:₹530.65Trade time:3:40PM GMT+5:30Value change:▼6.30 (-1.17%)


Company ID [BOM:500160]Last trade:₹17.50Trade time:3:54PM GMT+5:30Value change:▲0.25 (1.45%)


Company ID [BOM:532775]Last trade:₹5.73Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30Value change:▼0.01 (-0.17%)


Company ID [BOM:532281]Last trade:₹817.85Trade time:3:58PM GMT+5:30Value change:▲5.30 (0.65%)


Company ID [BOM:500179]Last trade:₹59.45Trade time:3:47PM GMT+5:30Value change:▲0.90 (1.54%)


Company ID [BOM:500183]Last trade:₹16.08Trade time:3:59PM GMT+5:30Value change:▲0.04 (0.25%)


Company ID [BOM:532822]Last trade:₹84.95Trade time:3:57PM GMT+5:30Value change:▼0.15 (-0.18%)


Company ID [BOM:523610]Last trade:₹103.95Trade time:3:52PM GMT+5:30Value change:▲16.25 (18.53%)


Company ID [BOM:590041]Last trade:₹12.99Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30Value change:▲0.63 (5.10%)


Company ID [NSE:MTNL]Last trade:₹27.15Trade time:3:49PM GMT+5:30Value change:▲1.05 (4.02%)


Company ID [BOM:532944]Last trade:₹83.90Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30Value change:▼1.70 (-1.99%)


Company ID [BOM:532712]Last trade:₹34.30Trade time:3:53PM GMT+5:30Value change:▲0.40 (1.18%)


Company ID [BOM:517411]Last trade:₹29.75Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30Value change:▲0.75 (2.59%)


Company ID [BOM:508976]Last trade:₹3.12Trade time:2:28PM GMT+5:30Value change:0.00 (0.00%)


Company ID [BOM:517214]Last trade:₹16.75Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30Value change:▲0.09 (0.54%)


Company ID [BOM:532374]Last trade:₹152.55Trade time:3:57PM GMT+5:30Value change:▲7.00 (4.81%)


Company ID [BOM:532790]Last trade:₹52.20Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30Value change:▼0.15 (-0.29%)


Company ID [BOM:500483]Last trade:₹706.40Trade time:3:59PM GMT+5:30Value change:▲1.00 (0.14%)


Company ID [BOM:532371]Last trade:₹7.11Trade time:3:44PM GMT+5:30Value change:▲0.04 (0.57%)


Company ID [BOM:532691]Last trade:₹1.41Trade time:3:26PM GMT+5:30Value change:▼0.12 (-7.84%)


Company ID [BOM:517015]Last trade:₹707.00Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30Value change:▲19.30 (2.81%)


Company ID [BOM:532788]Last trade:₹2.61Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30Value change:▲0.01 (0.38%)
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The electronic delivery of public services in India is set to get a major boost as the new government embarks on the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) 2.0. Also referred to as e-Kranti, the NeGP 2.0 is ...
In recent years, enterprise-based offerings have emerged as a strong component in operators’ service portfolios, with the Indian telecom market moving away from being purely voice led to becoming data ...
3. Device Management: BYOD alternatives gain popularity
Enterprise Business Services - December 22, 2014
The proliferation of smartphones, tablets and other smart devices has changed the way mobile phones are being utilised for personal as well as corporate purposes. The proliferation of smartphones, ...
In recent years, enterprises across various industry verticals have realised and leveraged the benefits of IP transformation. In recent years, enterprises across various industry verticals have realised ...
The launch of new technologies and the widespread use of IT-enabled services in running businesses have improved the acceptability of these services in meeting the requirements of enterprises. The ...
6. Data Hub: Increased adoption of data centres across industry verticals
Enterprise Business Services - December 22, 2014
India has been receiving increased international interest for setting up data centre infrastructure in the country. India has been receiving increased international interest for setting up data centre ...
The penetration of 3G services across the country, along with greater content development and provisioning, has given an impetus to the Indian smartphone market. Driven by this growth in smartphone demand, ...
8. SSTL: Focus on brand management and data revenues
Company Stories - December 18, 2014
After going through tough times since the cancellation of its licences in 2012, Sistema Shyam TeleServices Limited (SSTL) has been successful in consolidating its business since early 2014, mainly on account ...
Nokia’s factory in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, once the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturing plant, has been reduced to a vacant piece of land with the company suspending the unit’s operations with ...
In its financial results for the quarter ended September 2014, Ericsson reported a 56 per cent year-on-year growth in revenues from its Indian operations. With this, the company’s business in the ...
11. Sanjeev Banzal, Adviser, TRAI
People - December 10, 2014
Sanjeev Banzal, adviser, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, has over 22 years of experience, working in various capacities in government organisations such as the Department of Telecommunications and ...
Having been with the company since 2007, P. Palaniappan has played a key role in the evolution of Mahindra and Mahindra Limited’s Powerol Business from a start-up to a market leader. Having been with ...
Shashin Devsare has set himself a challenging goal: to make Karbonn the number one mobile brand in the country amidst stiff competition from international companies. Shashin Devsare has set himself ...
As senior principal at Dua Consulting, Brijendra K. Syngal heads the consulting and advisory team of telecom experts that advises a large number of telecom companies on matters of licensing, regulation, ...
In the course of her career, she has spoken and written about various tax aspects and structuring issues for investing in India. She also provides recommendations for policy initiatives to regulatory authorities ...
Voice over long term evolution (VoLTE) is the new technology that is gaining momentum. As data consumption continues to grow by leaps and bounds, VoLTE is expected to be the future of voice traffic. Voice ...
Industry experts comment on the feasibility of the Digital India initiative and the likely challenges… The government’s recently unveiled Digital India initiative aims at creating a knowledge economy ...
18. In the Spotlight: Northeast region gains government attention
Trends and Developments - November 27, 2014
To address this issue, the union cabinet recently approved funding of Rs 53.36 billion for a comprehensive telecom development plan for the NER. The project aims to improve telecom infrastructure and connectivity ...
There have been several documented instances, including the Golaknath, Kesavananda Bharati and Minerva Mills cases, where the judiciary, in exercising its power of judicial review, has gone beyond merely ...
The year 2014 has been a positive one for the Indian telecom sector in terms of foreign direct investment (FDI). The year 2014 has been a positive one for the Indian telecom sector in terms of foreign ...
21. Growing Energy Footprint: Increasing telecom reach fuels demand for power
Energy Needs of the Telecom Sector - November 18, 2014
The energy needs of the telecom sector have grown manifold over the past few years. The unprecedented sector growth in the past decade on account of high voice usage has been supplemented by the deployment ...
22. A Costly Option: Operators look for alternatives to diesel to power tower sites
Energy Needs of the Telecom Sector - November 18, 2014
According to the estimate of a working group report of the Planning Commission, diesel demand in India is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.1 per cent from 2012-13 to 2021-22. The ...
23. Green Gains: Industry turns to alternative sources of energy to reduce diesel usage
Energy Needs of the Telecom Sector - November 18, 2014
In recent years, reducing diesel consumption at tower sites has become a key focus area for tower infrastructure providers and operators in India. In recent years, reducing diesel consumption at ...
24. Power of Storage: New energy backup technologies offer higher efficiencies
Energy Needs of the Telecom Sector - November 18, 2014
The telecom industry boasts of over 400,000 towers across the country but the majority of these are in areas with inconsistent power supply. Managing energy costs is a key focus area for telecom tower ...
25. Value Proposition: Adopt, optimise and benchmark new solutions
Energy Needs of the Telecom Sector - November 18, 2014
The demand for energy has been growing significantly due to fast-paced urbanisation. However, about 405 million people in the country still have no access to electricity. To overcome the energy deficit, ...
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