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Company ID [BOM:532975]Last trade:₹4.80Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30Value change:▼0.01 (-0.21%)


Company ID [BOM:532454]Last trade:₹320.15Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30Value change:▼7.30 (-2.23%)


Company ID [BOM:532903]Last trade:₹0.09Trade time:3:29PM GMT+5:30Value change:▲0.01 (12.50%)


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Company ID [BOM:532775]Last trade:₹4.47Trade time:3:48PM GMT+5:30Value change:▲0.39 (9.56%)


Company ID [BOM:532281]Last trade:₹787.45Trade time:3:44PM GMT+5:30Value change:▼10.35 (-1.30%)


Company ID [BOM:500179]Last trade:₹45.00Trade time:3:47PM GMT+5:30Value change:▼0.25 (-0.55%)


Company ID [BOM:500183]Last trade:₹16.30Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30Value change:▼0.10 (-0.61%)


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Company ID [BOM:590041]Last trade:₹14.15Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30Value change:▲0.15 (1.07%)


Company ID [NSE:MTNL]Last trade:₹20.80Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30Value change:▲0.45 (2.21%)


Company ID [BOM:532944]Last trade:₹103.85Trade time:3:44PM GMT+5:30Value change:▼1.55 (-1.47%)


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Company ID [BOM:532691]Last trade:₹1.41Trade time:3:26PM GMT+5:30Value change:▼0.12 (-7.84%)


Company ID [BOM:517015]Last trade:₹600.45Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30Value change:▼2.90 (-0.48%)


Company ID [BOM:532788]Last trade:₹2.68Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30Value change:▼0.04 (-1.47%)
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Tele Data

Mobile Subscribers Yearwise comparision

Jayant Kumar, Head, Human Resources, TATA DOCOMO

December 15, 2010

Jayant Kumar’s ambition was simple: to create a positive atmosphere in every situation. Elaborating on this, he comments, “My ambition and desire have always been to create happiness wherever I go. I try to achieve this through various means, such as by motivating people, helping them where I can and in all those smaller things that make life such a wonderful gift.”

As head of TATA DOCOMO’s human resource (HR) function, he is responsible for a gamut of activities, ranging from formulating the company’s people strategy to ensuring a congenial work atmosphere for employees.

Apart from an optimistic disposition, he relies on a hands-on management style. He says giving due freedom of expression and action to his team helps to build upon their capabilities and empowers them to raise the performance bar. He also relies on his core strengths of people management to get the job done.

Of course, several years of work experience also weigh in his favour. Kumar worked with Tata Teleservices Limited (TTSL) for over three years, beginning with the operator’s CDMA business. Prior to this, he worked in the power sector with companies such as NTPC Limited and North Delhi Power Limited.

He recalls his stint at TTSL as his most memorable assignment so far. “The excitement and the challenges have been intense, especially as we entered the GSM business much later than the other companies and had to compete for market share, mindshare and, above all, for the right people to manage our growth. That challenge and excitement continues, and is the driving force behind this very tough, though very rewarding, assignment,” he notes.

“The biggest endeavour of any HR professional is to acquire and retain the right kind of talent within the organisation. At TTSL, that is my greatest responsibility, especially as the company is evolving and entering the new and competitive 3G arena. Over the past couple of years, we have managed to keep pace with the tremendous growth witnessed by the company. Our HR systems and processes have evolved in tandem. We are now amongst the brands of choice from the employment perspective. The HR awards we have won speak highly of our people and our people practices. I believe that ultimately, it is the people that make up the company,” says Kumar.

His family comprises his wife and two children, Aditya and Anvi. When asked about what he enjoys doing in his spare time, he responds, “What spare time?”


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